Promoting Your Online Course

There are many ways to promote your online course. I host my online courses on Teachable. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Use social media: Share information about your course on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Be sure to use relevant hashtags and engage with potential students in the comments.
  2. Create a landing page: A landing page is a standalone web page, created specifically for the purpose of promoting your course. It should include information about the course, testimonials from past students, and a clear call to action (e.g., “Sign up now!”).
  3. Use email marketing: Build a list of email subscribers by speaking or being interviewed on other people’s podcasts, radio shows, television, and online summits, then use email marketing to promote your course. Be sure to segment your list and customize your messaging for different groups of subscribers.
  4. Partner with influencers: Influencers are people with a large following on social media or other platforms. Partnering with an influencer can help you reach a larger audience and promote your course to a new group of potential students.
  5. Host a webinar: A webinar is an online seminar that you can use to promote your course. You can use a platform like Zoom or Google Meet to host the webinar, and invite potential students to attend. This is an effective “one to many” approach that creates excitement to enroll.
  6. Promote your programs in a press release: Whenever you have good news to share or a new offering to celebrate, share it with your local news stations and use a PR distribution service like Vedette Global News.
  7. Use paid advertising: You can use paid advertising platforms like Google AdWords or Facebook Ads to promote your course to a targeted audience. This can be an effective way to reach a larger audience, but use caution, as it can also be expensive if you’re just spending money without a strategy. Advertising takes a while to gain traction, so be prepared to advertise for several weeks or months.
  8. Offer a bonus for enrolling: Offering a bonus gift, a ticket to attend a live/virtual event for free, or a personalized coaching call with you can be a great way to entice potential students to try your course. You can use this strategy to build buzz around your course and encourage people to sign up.
  9. Offer a low-cost digital download: From how-to guides, to templates, to audio files (the list goes on), creating and selling digital content is a great way to diversify your revenue stream and attract new leads fast.

According to top marketers, now’s the time to offer online courses: more people than ever before are ready & able to invest in themselves. By creating and uploading a paid download product, you’ll be ready for new sales. You can see an example of my paid downloads & courses here>>

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