StressXpert Sara Nakamura Tackles Holiday Stress With the Release of “Stressed Out and Don’t Know What to Do?”

Las Vegas, NV – StressXpert and Board Certified Massage Therapist, Sara Nakamura is on a mission to help you relax and accomplish more this holiday season. Nakamura’s highly anticipated new book, “Stressed Out and Don’t Know What to Do?”, will assist you in breaking the vicious cycle of stress before it destroys your job, relationships, health, and finances.

Wednesday, December 7, is the release date of Nakamura’s new book, providing easy methods of dealing with stress. When you’re feeling worn out, overloaded, and burnt out, “Stressed Out and Don’t Know What to Do?” can help you relax in no time. Releasing this book during the holidays has created a buzz of anticipation from Nakamura’s community of clients and friends.

Nakamura has personally experienced the debilitating effects of stress and has seen the effects of stress on the people around her, and she has become an expert on the topic and a consultant for others seeking to improve their own well-being. The unwelcome presence of stress leads to ill health and may exacerbate existing conditions.

Seeing that most individuals lack the time and energy to devote to relieving their everyday stress, Nakamura developed 2-minute methods as a go-to resource for quick, effective stress management. Nakamura has been a board-certified massage therapist for nearly two decades, during which time she has developed stress reduction methods that help her clients swiftly and effectively cope with the stresses of everyday life.

“Having felt different my entire life, I stressed internally while putting on a smile externally, creating disharmony, dis-ease an autoimmune dis-ease in my life,” said Nakamura. “I missed out on so many things that held me back from being even more successful in my life until I created a simple stress-less system to help overcome my anxiousness, fear of rejection, and uncertainty.”

Help yourself and your loved ones over the holiday season by texting the phrase “Stressedout” to the number 26786. You will then get a brief summary of the book “Stressed out and Don’t Know What to Do?” The holiday season is a great time to start on the path to inner quiet and tranquility.

About Sara Nakamura: Sara is a well-being consultant, writer, board certified therapeutic massage and bodywork therapist, StressXpert, and co-founder of Inspired Mind 360. 

She has a degree in hospitality management from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, where she now lives. This native Hawaiian is trained in Mental Health First Aid, has a master’s-level certification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy, and studies a wide variety of other cognitive-behavioral treatments.

Additionally, Sara has over two decades of expertise in the hotel and wellness industries, including management, sales, food & beverage, spa, casino marketing, and consulting.

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