Sandy Rutherford Launches Widely Anticipated Debut Book, “Navigating the “High C’s” to Success”

Toronto, Canada – Entrepreneur and Founder of Inspired Destinies, Sandy Rutherford, is excited to announce the launch of her first book on October 25, 2022, “Navigating the “High C’s to Success, An 8-Step Charted Course to Extraordinary Achievement.” Rutherford has brought together the key concepts taught by so many and laid them out in a strategic order. There are 8 concepts, all beginning with the letter C, hence the name of the book, “Navigating the “High C’s” to Success – An 8-Step Charted Course to Extraordinary Achievement.” This powerful book has been endorsed by some of the top names in the personal development industry.

“The book is directly in line with our vision of creating a more joyful and fulfilling world by helping each and every person to succeed,” said Rutherford. “Each and every one of us is fully capable of extraordinary success. No one lacks talent or giftedness; it’s the mindset that gets in the way. I want to help everyone shift their mindsets to enjoy massive success – imagine how the world would look if we were all succeeding.”

“Most people know they are capable of so much more.”

Sandy Rutherford

Research shows that between 96-98% of the time, people are operating from subconscious programming/conditioning/ wiring/paradigms, “It’s all the same, and it’s your comfort zone,” says Rutherford. “Most people know they are capable of so much more, yet they underachieve because a) they don’t know how success works and b) they don’t know what is stopping them. Most people say they do not get the breakthrough results they are told they are capable of achieving when doing personal development work.”

When people aren’t getting results, they assume they need to work on their knowledge and skills (i.e., more marketing, better strategy). But over 90% of success is a function of mindset.  At Inspired Destinies, they coach entrepreneurs and professionals worldwide to take center stage in their lives and accelerate their success by getting clear on their destinies, aligning their self-image, and taking inspired action to become unstoppable.

Learn more about Sandy and Inspired Destinies by visiting her online at

About Sandy Rutherford: Sandy Rutherford is a Success Mindset Coach, Destiny Maker, Success Accelerator, and Founder of Inspired Destinies. Sandy and her team are on a mission to assist people worldwide to step out from behind the scenes of their own lives and into the spotlight of their dream life. Learn more about Sandy by visiting her online at

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