OsteoStrong® Presenting at the 148th National Investment Banking Association Conference

Kyle Zagrodzky to present OsteoStrong® system to NIBA Investors Conference on Sept. 7-8, 2022, in Hollywood, FL

Houston, Texas – OsteoStrong announces that Kyle J. Zagrodzky, OsteoStrong’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer is scheduled to present at the 148th National Investment Banking Association (NIBA) Investment Conference. The NIBA conference is scheduled for September 7-8, 2022 at the Margaritaville Beach Resort Hotel in Hollywood, FL. OsteoStrong will be presenting on September 8, 2022, as well as meeting with investors during the conference.

OsteoStrong Franchising, Inc and OsteoStrong International, Inc (OsteoStrong) OsteoStrong is known for its unique, patented technology that delivers superior results with increasing bone density, muscle strength, and balance. Members of the OsteoStrong centers also eliminate all types of joint and back pain. Situated in a spa-like environment, OsteoStrong clients enjoy a personalized, one-on-one experience with certified well-trained staff members.

OsteoStrong launched in 2012 and is a leading wellness franchise system in the growing biohacking industry with over 150 open locations. OsteoStrong is a global company with its centers operating in 10 countries with 4 additional countries planned to launch in 2023. OsteoStrong has unique intellectual property that has been awarded several patents with several more patents currently pending. While other franchises in the wellness space contracted during the pandemic, OsteoStrong, at both the corporate level and its franchises, experienced substantial growth from 2020 to the present with many record-breaking quarters.

OsteoStrong plans to open over 50 corporate centers, along with the aggressive expansion of its franchised locations worldwide over the next four years. Additionally, OsteoStrong plans to launch its own financing division and products company based on new, proprietary intellectual property.

To learn more about OsteoStrong, please visit, www.OsteoStrong.me and visit with Kyle Zagrodzky, CEO, and Jimmy Youngblood, President at the one-on-one meetings during the NIBA event.

About National Investment Banking Association (NIBA) For over 40 years, the National Investment Banking Association (NIBA) has been serving the micro-cap and small-cap investment community. We have hosted 147 investment conferences showcasing thousands of public and private companies seeking access to the financial industry. Our network has raised over $30 billion and is responsible for 90% of all IPOs under $20 million. Our network is made up of thousands of investment professionals representing over 60 key industry services and includes over 8,000 registered representatives that have over $89 billion in assets under management. Additional details about the National Investment Banking Association’s 148 TH Investment Conference on Sept 7-8, 2022, in Hollywood, Florida can be found at: https://nibanet.org/conferences/niba-september-7-8-2022-hollywood-florida-conference

About OsteoStrong®: 

OsteoStrong® is the largest biohacking franchise with a 10-year history of increasing bone density. Increasing bone density is known for slowing down the effects of osteoporosis. Members include professional and amateur athletes, business professionals, grandparents, and people looking for the highest level of physical freedom growing stronger as they grow older.  

OsteoStrong exists to deliver the highest level of physical freedom to people around the world by leveraging new scientific discoveries and bringing the best biohack knowledge to the public. As mentioned by Tony Robbins in his book, Life Force, Robbins is a consultant to OsteoStrong and an avid user of the OsteoStrong technology.

CEO of OsteoStrong, Kyle Zagordzky, lives and serves his life’s mission of helping others from his home in Brentwood, Tennessee, along with his wife and three sons. Obsessed with finding the best strategies to improve health, life, and business, Kyle hosts the UnbreakableMe podcast. To listen, visit www.OsteoStrong.me.

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