Venture Lynk Capital and Advisory Launches Venture Lynk Risk Management, an ERM and Business Enablement Solution

Los Angeles, CA –  Venture Lynk Capital and Advisory has announced that it will spin off its existing Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) platform into a stand-alone business that will be known as Venture Lynk Risk Management. Existing Venture Lynk Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) clients include loanDepot, University Bank, The Wound Pros, and LRES.

Venture Lynk Risk Management will cover ERM categories such as information and cyber security, operational risk, third-party vendor risk, and Intellectual Property risk. Venture Lynk Risk Management can provide outsourced component or end-to-end solutions to financial institutions, healthcare companies, government agencies, or public utilities of varying sizes.

“At Venture Lynk, we look at Enterprise Risk Management as a business growth enabler instead of just a cost of doing business,” says CEO Brent Stokes. “Implementation at any level of a Venture Lynk ERM solution is fast and inexpensive, but most of all our solutions protect the existing value and help to generate additional firm value.”

“One of our existing clients is a young and rapidly growing healthcare company that needs their protection of data, IP, and processes to grow at the same rapid pace,” added Stokes. “The visionaries didn’t have the time to build an ERM infrastructure, so they outsourced their ERM needs to Venture Lynk. Now they are able to secure even larger clients and further accelerate their growth while protecting their enterprise against the risk that accompanies growing revenues.”

“Our goal is to be the ERM solution that enables accelerated growth while fully protecting the enterprise against all types of risk,” stated Stokes. For more information, articles, and blogs, or to schedule a meeting, visit VentureLynk online at

About Venture Lynk: Venture Lynk is a risk management outsourcing and consultative firm that leverages the knowledge and front-line experience of a seasoned consultative team to deliver best-in-class service execution in enterprise risk management. Venture Lynk utilizes a team of former industry segment leaders, former military intelligence analysts, and enterprise-level operational executives to evaluate, manage, and mitigate all types of enterprise risk.

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