Mission Accepted Media Publishes Never-Before Shared Stories of 22 Women and Couples in the Network Marketing Profession

22 Authors Featured in ‘Network Marketing Tell All’ 

Vancouver, CANADA – Sharing what it takes to create a successful network marketing business, 22 women entrepreneurs and history-making couples from different industries have come together in one network marketing tell-all book.  “22 Women Entrepreneurs and & History-Making Couples Leaving a Legacy in Network Marketing Tell All” is a powerful book of top successful women and couples in the Network Marketing profession gathering together to share their top success secrets with the public, compiled by the owner of Media Accepted Media, Deb Drummond. 

Drummond, a top performer in network marketing,  feels like she has been called to serve other leaders in the network marketing industry. Drummond has designed a platform that gives leaders an opportunity to come together with a united message of success.  

“22 Women Entrepreneurs and & History-Making Couples Leaving a Legacy in Network Marketing Tell All” is the never-before-told secrets and roadmap of success that has never been released before.

“Whether you are venturing into this amazing profession as a side income stream, mailbox money, as part of your real estate fund, or your future residual plan, this book is a must-have,” says Drummond. As a top income earner and #1 team producer for multiple years in a row, Drummond has seen what it takes to make it to the top of the network marketing industry and she’s gathered the top performers in the industry to share their top tips and never before told secrets. 

“22 Women Entrepreneurs & History-Making Couples” is filled with incredible stories of achieving dreams and creating an absolutely achievable and relatable lifestyle for anyone who chooses to go from being an entrepreneur to becoming an “ultrapreneur”. This book is written for someone brand new or a seasoned veteran in network marketing.”

Featuring chapters written by Faith Gallatin, Cindy Hafenbrack, Maria Bianchi, Kathy Henken, Jody Maley, Jeri Taylor-Swade,  Darlene Neufeld, Chandra Dubay,  Natalie Foeller,  Geralyn Schulkind, Brenda Pearce, Kate Moir, Janice Porter,  Karen Heinemann,  Sharon Mefford, Melanie Booher, Danika Adamthwaite, Deb Drummond, Gregory and Robin Blanc Mascari,  Mark and Jeanine McCool, Ken and Michelle Rolfsness, Sarah Lovely and Robin Younge, Brenda Lee and Jim Gallatin, the tell-all is revealing never-before-told secrets of some of the most successful women and couples in network marketing.

“22 Women Entrepreneurs & History-Making Couples” features an endorsement quote by top business coach and founder of the Direct Selling World Alliance, Grace Hao, and the foreword is written by the “Who’s Who of Success”, Jack Zufelt, one of the most successful speakers and business consultants for the Fortune 500. 

“22 Women Entrepreneurs & History-Making Couples” will be available through Amazon on July 14, 2022.  https://amzn.to/3PeT3Iw

About Mission Accepted Media: Mission Accepted Media is a boutique podcasting & publishing firm showcasing Ultrapreneurs, Entrepreneurs, Creatives, and people in Media.  To stay updated on the Mission Accepted Media projects, visit www.DebDrummond.com

About Deb Drummond: Deb Drummond considers herself to be an Ultrapraneur. She is a pioneer in the world of natural health, creating five companies in the field.  Deb is an award-winning business owner with achievements that have never been done before.  She is a leader in opening local and international markets. She has inspired, educated, and motivated audiences of 20,000 plus to stand on their feet.  A well-known radio host of the Mission Accepted podcast, Deb interviews dynamic Entrepreneurs, Ultraprenuers, Creatives, and Media Professionals who reveal personal life stories and secrets to the success of “making it” in the dynamic world of entrepreneurship. In her private practice, Deb has worked with over 30,000 clients moving them to higher states of optimal health. www.DebDrummond.com 

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