Patsy Sanders Removes the “I have nothing to wear” Closet-Dread

Revolutionary Color-Typing Reveals More Than 4-Seasons of Choices

Santa Rosa, CA – Image Expert, Patsy Sanders is eliminating a decades-old phrase for her clients – professionals who historically started their workday by staring at their closet and feel like “I have nothing to wear”.  Sanders uses a revolutionary “ color-typing system” to help reveal your entire personal essence, focusing on colors, clothing styles, personality, and the way you make decisions. She helps women and men look and feel even better about themselves by working together to create a plan for their entire essence, including hair, makeup, and clothing. Sanders has discovered that when professionals have a style that captures who they really are, they’re freer to show off their gifts and talents to the world and their closets are full of clothing they absolutely love to wear. 

 “I hated going to my closet to figure out what to wear each day. I didn’t like what I had to wear, and I hated shopping, said Freddie Martin. “After being color-typed in the element reveal system with Patsy, it made sense why I hated my clothes because I didn’t have the right colors or styles.” 

Sanders watches her clients transform right before her eyes, and she often sees their fullest potential before they do. Even though the wardrobe transformation happens quickly, usually, people need to hear feedback and reactions from people close to them to know that it’s working.  

Before & After working with Patsy Sanders, Embracing Your Essence

As a little girl, Patsy Sanders always dreamt of being a hairstylist. She even won a scholarship to a beauty college right after high school. From the very beginning, she believed that everyone deserves to feel confident and beautiful just the way they were made.

“Patsy changed our lives when she helped my husband, and I understand how to choose the correct clothes to be more visible in our real estate business by dressing for success,” added Martin. “Our business has boomed! Patsy said it would make a difference not just feel more confident and have fun shopping. We love all the compliments too! She said up-leveling our images would help our business, and she was right. It’s nice having a wardrobe that I enjoy wearing.”

Sanders says, “What you wear matters. Through my years as a hairstylist, I discovered my clients wanted more than just a new hairdo: they wanted to talk about fashion and shopping so they could have a complete look. That’s what inspired me in the early 80s to train as an image consultant. Back then, everyone was using the 4-season color typing of Spring, Summer, Winter, or Fall, but that’s not enough to transform your entire essence and create a wardrobe that truly complements who you are. In the seasons typing system, we only looked at what colors looked good on you.  With the Embracing Your Essence styling system the focus is on what color has YOU look good.  Sander’s system turns you into the masterpiece and allows your clothes to be the frame.”

Patsy Sanders hosts a monthly Inspired Style webinar teaching students about the amazing power of color, the energetics and harmonics of color pallets, and how to put together amazing outfits for your most important events. Register for free at

About Patsy Sanders

Patsy Sanders has five decades of experience as a master hairstylist, has owned three salons, is a member of the RUSK International Hair Design Team, and holds ten training certificates in hairstyling, makeup, and color. Patsy loves working with women of all sizes because she used to be a size 20 and is now a size 6. Patsy knows ALL the tricks for putting together a wardrobe that frames the real you – no matter what size you are and what body type you have. When it comes to struggles with shopping, she’s been there! For more information, visit Patsy online at

Patsy Sanders, Image Consultant

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