International Image Style Expert Helps Speaker Clients Increase Business

Patsy Sanders Transforming Her Clients’ Style, Closets and Bank Accounts

Santa Rosa, CA – Image Expert Patsy Sanders watches her clients transform right before her eyes, and she often sees their fullest potential before they do. Even though the wardrobe transformation happens quickly, often people need to feel a little more social proof to know that it’s working. Two clients recently received far more than a closet makeover, they’re receiving a lifelong wallet makeover as their income has dramatically increased since working with Sanders. 

“Working with Patsy Sanders has completely changed my life and business!!” exclaimed one of her clients. “Her Essence Typing System is nothing short of transformative. She helps you to show up in the world more authentically by matching your colors and wardrobe to one of 4 Essences Types. The results have been beyond what I could have dreamed. I was especially resistant to changing my hair. I felt that it helped me to be “more visible” when, in reality, it was standing in my way. I am now attracting clients faster and at higher ticket prices than ever before.”

As a little girl, Patsy Sanders always dreamt of being a hairstylist. She even won a scholarship to beauty college right after high school! Why? From the very beginning, she had a strong belief that everyone deserves to feel confident and beautiful just the way they were made.

Patsy Sanders is on a mission to fight the limiting beliefs that women are carrying. Her focus is on helping women and men look and feel even better about themselves by working together to create a plan for their entire essence, including hair, makeup, and clothing. Sanders has discovered that when professionals have a style that captures who they really are, they’re freer to show off their gifts and talents to the world.

Sanders says, “What you wear matters. Through my years as a hairstylist, I discovered my clients wanted more than just a new hairdo: they wanted to talk about fashion and shopping so they could have a complete look. That’s what inspired me in the early 80s to train as an image consultant in seasonal color typing.”

“You don’t just ‘hire’ me; you work ‘with’ me to be seen and heard in a more powerful way. The process takes time. My clients are permitting me to go into their closet, where they are most vulnerable,” Sanders explained about her process.

Another one of Patsy’s clients said that “Patsy came highly recommended, so I jumped at the opportunity when she had a last-minute opening. The 3-hr drive was worth it. Patsy opened my eyes to a whole new level of awareness of how colors and patterns affect our mood and how others receive us. As a public speaker, it is essential for me to look and feel aligned with my message. Patsy’s work has taken my platform to the next level. I cannot speak more highly of her.”

Patsy Sanders hosts a monthly Inspired Style webinar teaching students about the amazing power of color, the energetics, and harmonics of color pallets, and how to put together amazing outfits for your most important events. Register for free at

About Patsy Sanders

Patsy Sanders has five decades of experience as a master hairstylist, has owned three salons; is a member of the RUSK International Hair Design Team, and holds ten training certificates in hairstyling, makeup, and color. Patsy loves working with women of all sizes because she used to be a size 20 and is now a size 6. Patsy knows ALL the tricks for putting together a wardrobe that frames the real you – no matter what size you are and what body type you have. When it comes to struggles with shopping, she’s been there! For more information, visit Patsy online at

Patsy Sanders, Image Consultant
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