Kendra Beavis on Entrepreneurs of ReInvention


When it comes to reinventing yourself, the question Kendra Beavis asked herself is “How do I want to feel?”. Even if you don’t have all the answers, or know exactly what you want to do next, you do know how you want to feel and you can build from there. 

Kendra Beavis, founder and CEO of the brand strategy studio, Moka Creative over the last 20 years she’s been celebrated as a master artisan working on an intimate scale with her clients and crafting unique brands with great care and ingenuity. She believes the flip side of great design is thoughtful strategy. With this core belief in mind she has developed an elevated over 54 brands in the fitness retail and financial industries and one multiple industry awards.  She most recently started a new pet project by launching a podcast called Tribe of Unicorns. Her 5-year-old talk show host self is having a blast interviewing creative entrepreneurs and other industry leaders providing resource and valuable insight into running a creative business and inspiring creatives on the winding journey of building their business.

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