Butta-B-Rocka Releases New Single “Promise Land”


Butta-B-Rocka, highly versatile and internationally acclaimed artist and musician, talks about her her new single, “Promise Land”, her incredible journey and bounce back from an injury, a full year of physical therapy, and her best-selling book, “Fear of Failure, Fear of Not Trying”.

Butta-B-Rocka’s year of recovery was not a set back, but a set up for success. During that year, she wrote and published her story, became a best selling author, helped her son produce a teen magazine, wrote and released her song “Promise Land”. She inspires her fans to create your own destiny. It only takes one person to make a change in your life. She’s going for it all! You can’t put Butta-B-Rocka in a box. 

Her amazing resilience is an inspiring story. 

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